Offshore Wind in the US: What don’t we know?

First, I admit how little I know – and how much I have to learn and share – about Offshore Wind in the US. Second, I invite all readers to join in, share and learn. 

Who am I? An American with half his citizenship and family in Scandinavia who has spent 25 years in the maritime space as a deck officer, in chartering operations for tankers, executive recruiting, yacht voyages, maritime media, sales and marketing, and most recently the tugboat and port leasing space for a major Jones Act employer and owner. 

Yet despite inquisitive wind-related visits to Hamburg and Heligoland, Norway and New York, Princeton, Boston, New Bedford, Bridgeport and beyond over about two years of fact-finding, I see how much there is to learn.

MISSION: To help identify my – and perhaps your – blind spots, culturally, politically, practically – and work through them, so we all see more clearly. My skills are more inter-relationship based, focused on communication, establishing trust and sharing information. I felt at the outset that Europeans investing in Offshore Wind in the US and their American counterparts weren’t – perhaps still aren’t – hearing or listening to one another.

So I am walking the walk by moving from NY City to the New Bedford and Boston area (without employ), and by starting this voluntary blog for all to participate in, with nothing to sell, no one to represent. 

Please leave comments, open debates, answer questions, PARTICIPATE!

wiberg author photo oslo cropped

To the future, or as our son Felix would say: “To infinity, and beyond!”

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3 thoughts on “Offshore Wind in the US: What don’t we know?

    1. hi eric, looking forward to good offshore wind times in the us & a good start for your blog here, brgds matthias

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Best of luck to you with your move and I will be following along here on the blog.
    Thanks for doing this.
    Best regards,
    Allan Krogsgaard


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