This is intended as a forum for everyone, primarily participants in Offshore Wind and related and impacted industries and residents, in the US in 2019. The founder is migrating from other industries – tankers, tugs – into wind in part because of the appeal of new technologies, cleaner energy, and invigoration of maritime infrastructure ashore and afloat – docks, channels, and other equipment – which were in danger of becoming moribund from lack of utilization as compared with other expanding economies.

If balancing of interests can be achieved, and if many different voices, languages, cultures can find forums to exchange their ideas, express their fears and interests, this author thinks the outcome can be more “Block Island Wind,” and less “Cape Wind.” And what an amazing future we all face. When in Denmark last fall I learned that a single turbine, with its own water-condensers, elevators, lights, whistles, etc. can generate enough electricity for two Nordic families for an entire year in a SINGLE DAY! Extraordinary.

I further understand that the entire population of Denmark (c.5.75 million) had relied on renewable energy 100% of the time at some point in recent years, and that the founders of the entire sector include a blacksmith whose genius was creating wind towers that could entirely fit into a single container and be trucked to farms where land-owners leased their space. He attends conferences. That was less than 25 years ago.

This is an exciting, dynamic, “outside the box” industry with so many facets, so many consequences (not all of them positive to all the people all of the time to paraphrase President Lincoln), that I want to be a part of it.

If you do as well, then we have something in common and read on, comment away!

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